2020 Training Schedule 2

Introducing a brand new class we have added to our Training Program:

“Process Analytical Technologies & Systems”

Taught by Robert E. Sherman

This Course includes an overview of Gas Chromatography technology & analyzer hardware including support gases, valves (sample Injection, column switching, calibration/validation), column technologies, detector technologies and analyzer oven considerations (multiple, single with internal secondary, etc.). Also includes an overview of Spectroscopic Technologies to include (but not limiting discussions on) X-ray – UV – VIS – NearIR – MidIR – FarIR and Laser-based analyzers (both direct measurement and Raman -shift measurement). Analyzer Application Fundamentals are discussed by type of analyzer and process considerations. Implementation discussions of Process Analyzers reviews project and infrastructure requirements for process analyzer applications including economic justification, basic sample conditioning requirements, calibration and validation techniques, commissioning, training, required maintenance techniques and suggested intervals.

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