Who are we?-Thoughts by Xan

So are you the same as Horiba?  Are you the same as Endress+Hauser? What is your relationship with Samson and why are you in my plant?

Yes and no, basically, and very good thank you for having me.

At G.E. Booth we have a very unique dynamic where we are a small, family-owned, and relationship-based company where we actually care about every customer and contact as if they were our friends.  We exist because there are a magnitude of companies that specialize in one thing that they do well and they need representatives to keep enough feet on the streets.

We are not our competition, where there is a level guy, a flow guy, an analytical guy, etc.  We are the guy without having to deal with buy-resell type agreements and getting charged excessive amounts for competitive products.

We work with innovators like E+H, Samson, Horiba, and others to be able to offer you a portfolio of products without having to deal with a company chasing $500MM projects.

We are not a buy-resell type outfit, what you see is absolutely transparent and our partners’ global pricing contracts is in no way affected by us.

We are a way to unite end users with great products and competitive options which we locally service and support to the fullest capabilities.  Why are you paying for a $50k analyzer from a company that does $100BB annually?  You’re paying their analyzer costs, their DCS R&D, administrative costs, marketing fees, etc. as opposed to working with a privately owned company that doesn’t have associated fees.

We are here to educate, connect, and work with you to find the best answer to your problems.  If it’s E+H, we propose that.  If it’s not, we have no issue sending you a quote directly from Horiba if their selection meets your requirements.

All of our manufacturing partners understand they have situations where they excel and situations where they aren’t a good fit.  We are here to connect the dots and provide you with the best answers without forcing you into something we provide that isn’t an exact match.

So who are we?  Who is G.E. Booth?  We are people supporting multi-billion dollar per year outfits in a company of 80 employees with local support and services.  We are engineers and technicians with years of hands on support and are ready to meet your standards regardless of manufacturer.

Just let me know where the can is and we can talk about that severe service control valve.