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George E. Booth Co., Inc., formerly Superior Operating Solutions, provides Automation and Telemetry services for Water/Wastewater Utilities and Industrial partners.  We specialize in the design, installation and maintenance/calibration of SCADA systems, radio telemetry systems, control panels and process control instrumentation.

Our goal is to meet your most demanding custom control needs with intelligent design, rugged equipment, reliable software, intuitive graphics and professional installation.

Our services include:

  • Installation of new Control Systems
  • Conversion of older RTU/PLC equipment and programming
  • Automation of existing plants
  • Radio Surveys
  • Control System Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • Instrument Installation and Calibration
  • Operator Interface Software Packages
  • Manufacture of Custom Control Panels

Concerned about your aging Bristol Babcock 33XX RTU system?

We are experts at converting the now obsolete Bristol Babcock 3305s, 3310, 3330, etc. to the new ControlWave hardware. Not sure what you should do?  Give us a call or email us describing your situation and we’ll be happy to work up a quote that best fits your needs.


Our Current Customers and Projects Include:

More updates coming soon. We’ve been so busy it’s hard to keep the information updated! 🙂

Here’s a quick list of just some of our current projects (in no particular order):

  • San Marino, CA (American Water Company): Conversion of all their old 33xx RTUs to ControlWaves
  • Tiffin, OH (Aqua Ohio Water Company): Installation of a new MDS radio network for the SCADA system
  • Marion, OH (Aqua Ohio Water Company): New well control panel and Filter RTU conversion from 33xx to ControlWave
  • Muncie, IN (American Water Company): Installation of a point to point wireless network to replace storm damaged old 485 serial connection
  • Newburgh, IN (American Water Company): Conversion of all their old 33xx RTUs to ControlWaves
  • Richmond, IN (American Water Company): Replace PID controllers for the filter controls and installed a new flow meter with HART connection to the SCADA system
  • Duarte, CA (American Water Company): Conversion of all their old 33xx RTUs to ControlWaves
  • Liberty, IN (Byrco): New washdown control panel
  • Gas City, IN (Water Department): HUGE storm damage service call with multiple equipment replacements
  • Hagerstown, IN (Waste Water Department): Polymer pump replacement and auto dialer updates
  • Richmond, IN (Hills Pet Products): Aquavx onsite auto dialer and flow meters
  • Ingalls, IN (Aqua Indiana Water Company): New wells with RTU and VFD control panels
  • Jurupa, CA (Water Department): SCADA system consultation
  • Lawrenceburg, IN (Waste Water Department): Major SCADA system upgrade including processes, software and equipment updates
  • Seymour, IN (Nakashima): Machine shop support
  • Wayne County, IN: Installation support for NewWays Wireless Networking
  • Noblesville, IN (Waste Water Department): Multiple equipment repairs/replacements and updates
  • Shelbyville, IN (Ryobi): Honda cell programming updates
  • Brookville, IN (Sperry Rice): Program updates and VFD drive installation
  • Union City, IN (Water and Waste Water Departments): Calibrations, service calls, remote mobile SCADA system access installation, CL2 analyzer installations and new VFD install
  • Westfield, IN: SCADA equipment sales and service support contract

and many more!

Updated: 10/26/2012

Indiana American Water Company – Richmond, Indiana

Richmond, Indiana’s water company is a division of American Water Company.


SOS recently completed the upgrade of filter controls at Middlefork Water Plant.  As their automation needs have continued to expand, they desired to move from the older Sixnet remote IO units to a full-fledged RTU.  They went with a ControlWave Micro to match their exiting Bristol based SCADA system.

We are proud to be able to continually maintain and upgrade our own hometown water system!

Reference: Jim Henderson – Operations Supervisor

Updated: 4/16/2012

California American Water Company – San Marino, California

SOS has had the privilege to count California American Water Company as a longtime customer.  We are currently in the
process of converting a number of their older Bristol Babcock
 sites to the ControlWave platform.  Last
month we did 4 in one week.  Later this month and next, we’re planning on converting another set of 8-10 sites with the end goal of converting all of their 37 sites over the next 1.5 years.


When it comes to maintaining and upgrading their SCADA system, CAL-AM knows to call the experts: SOS!


Reference: Richard Tanaka – Production Supervisor

Updated: 4/16/2012

Indiana American Water Company – Muncie, Indiana

Automatic flushing water system control panels

SOS has been requested to convert the final three Bristol Babcock
RTUs to ControlWave.  Parts have been ordered, programs
are being converted and the physical cutovers willl happen in the next couple months.


Providing quality water to every customer is the number one priority of the Muncie, Indiana American Water Company.  With this in mind, they contracted SOS to provide automatic line
flushing controls at three critical sites around the city.  The sites monitor the chlorine levels in the water with Hach total chlorine
analyzers and report that information back to the water plant’s SCADA system via the citywide GEMDS radio network.


Reference: Michael James – Production Supervisor

Updated: 4/16/2012

Indiana American Water Company – Kokomo, Indiana

SOS has been contracted to convert 22 Bristol Babcock 33XX RTUs to
ControlWave Micro RTUs this summer.  Parts are ordered and
programs will begin thier conversion soon.


We are excited to be a part of Kokomo’s SCADA upgrades.  When it comes to RTU conversions, Indiana American Water knows who to call –


Reference: Bill Ice

Updated: 4/16/2012

Indiana American Water Company – Wabash, Indiana

SOS has been contracted to install a new 12″ Endress+Hauser magnetic flow meter at one
of their plants along with adding a new ControlWave Micro
 based control panel at a well.  Both upgrades will enhance their SCADA system by providing more accurate flow readings and for reporting and chemical feed controls.

SOS recently completed chemical feed controls (Chlorine and Fluoride) for two water plants.  SOS installed conduit, added IO cards to the Bristol Babcock 3330 RTUs, updated the ACCOL programming and iFix HMI graphics.

When it comes to automatically controlling their chemical feeds, Wabash Indiana American Water Company trusts SOS to get it done right.

Reference: Brandon France – Operations Superintendant

Updated: 4/18/2012

Ingalls Water Department – Ingalls, Indiana

Ingalls water, a division of Aqua America, is in the
process of adding 2 new wells to their city’s water system.  SOS has been excited to provide the electrical and SCADA design services for this project.  One hurdle on this project is that
the electric utility is furnishing single phase power while the wells required 3 phase power.  SOS is providing Allen-Bradley
VFDs to convert the power and drive the wells.  A SixNet remote IO module will be used to control/monitor the wells and relay
that information back to the plant via a GEMDS Transnet radio network.


The system start up is scheduled in the next few months, so more information and pictures will be coming soon.
Updated: 4/16/2012

Cambridge City Utilities – Cambridge City, Indiana

Cambridge City has just completed the process of upgrading their water system.  They added a new elevated
water tower and booster station.  SOS is proud to have been chosen as the exclusive Design/Build Control Systems Integrator for this project.


We enjoyed our working experience with Cambridge City Water and M.D. Wessler & Associates in designing and fabricating their new city wide SCADA system.  Their system consisted of ControlWave RTUs, GEMDS TransNet radios, a Maple Systems HMI touch screen, an Endress+Hauser pressure transmitter, a Hoffman Enclosure and a Fibox Enclosure.


Yes, another home town project.  We love taking care of the utilities close to home.


Reference: Michael Stuckey – Water Superintendent

Reference: Wayne Moore, P.E. – Project Manager | Electrical Group

Updated: 4/16/2012

Azusa Light & Water – Azusa, California

SOS recently completed the conversion of two Bristol Babcock 3330
s to ControlWave Micros.

Spreading Grounds:  Due to their desire to clean up the installation and conglomeration of three separate control panels, SOS designed, built and installed one new control panel.


Rockvale:  This was another site that SOS was able to combine three panels into one clean panel installation.  Once the cutover started, it was found that the GEMDS 9710 radio antenna cable was damaged.  So, while onsite, SOS installed new cabling, connectors, vapor wrap and
routed it all in a way that should help prevent future weather damage.


In May, SOS will be back out to integrate another Bristol Babcock 3305 into the new Spreading Grounds RTU.


When it comes to upgrading and maintaining their SCADA system, Azusa L&W makes an SOS call!


Reference: Steve Seffer – Water Production Supervisor

Updated: 4/16/2012

Bowen Engineering – Fort Meade, Maryland

SOS is pleased to continue our working relationship with Bowen Engineering by partnering with them to help design and provide a
control system for the Fort Meade, Maryland military base water system.  The Sodium Hypo Chloride control system is centered around an
Allen-Bradley PLC controller and HMI.


Reference: Robert Wiggins – Project Engineer for Bowen Engineering Corp.
Updated: 4/17/2012

Centerville Utilities – Centerville, Indiana

OK, it’s Easter Sunday afternoon and you’ve got multiple power outages along with some equipment failure…what do you do?  Well, the Centerville Waste Water Department called SOS who was
onsite in under an hour.  While SOS can’t fix power outages from power providers, we certainly can diagnose a bad battery backup and replace it with one in our stock.  SOS is always their
emergency service call!


SOS was awarded the process control portion of the additions to the Centerville Water
.  The plant upgrades required two new Allen Bradley High Service Pump VFDs which SOS supplied along with the control panel,
ControlWave Micro RTU, Kaspro touch screen HMI and Ametek submersible
pressure transducers.  We enjoyed working with HP Thompson.  Centerville has been using the system since last summer and has
found it to be a huge benefit for the city.


Reference: Dave Elis – Centerville Waste Water Department Supervisor

Reference: Dave Murray – Centerville Water Department Supervisor
Updated: 4/16/2012

Frankfort Water Works – Frankfort, Indiana

The City of Frankfort Indiana has completed the process of building a new Water Treatment Facility.  This large undertaking
not only involved the construction of a new plant but also included adding new wells, demolition of the old East WTP and completely upgrading the city wide water control system.  SOS is proud to
have been chosen as the exclusive Design/Build Control Systems Integrator for this city wide project.


We are excited about the opportunities that were laid before us as we worked with Frankfort Water Works and M.D. Wessler & Associates to plan and fabricate this new state-of-the-art SCADA system which included ControlWave RTUs and ICONICS


Reference: Wesley Hyden – Frankfort Water Superintendent

Reference: Wayne Moore, P.E. – Project Manager | Electrical Group

Updated: 10/7/2011

Hagerstown Water Department – Hagerstown, Indiana

Hagerstown had recently been having a number of problems with their water control system.  They knew it was time
to upgrade the system, so they called SOS to design a control system to meet their needs.


We are happy to announce that SOS just completed the installation of their new city wide water SCADA system – 3 wells, 2 boosters and 2 elevated water towers.  The major components
consisted of: Allen-Bradley PLCs, Antx autodialer, Rittal

enclosures, Fibox enclosures, GEMDS TransNet
radios, and Endress+Hauser

pressure transmitters.


Now we’re excited to begin adding some of the waste water equipment into their SCADA system.  We just completed adding in a lift station with an Allen-Bradley PLC to the radio system and


Yes, another home town project.  We love taking care of the utilities close to home.


Reference: Bob Warner – Town Manger

Updated: 4/16/2012

Union City, Indiana Water and Waste Water Departments

SOS recently completed a number of projects for the City’s utilities.


WWTP:  Installed an automatic telephone dialer system for the Wastewater Dept in Union City, Indiana.  The system consisted
of an Antx Dialog Elite dialer, a ControlWave Micro RTU and GEMDS TransNet radio.


WWTP:  Added a lift station to the city’s city wide SCADA radio network for alarm notification.


WTP:  Added controls to the city’s newest elevated water tower.  This panel consisting of a ControlWave Micro RTU and GEMDS TransNet radio connects to the water department’s SCADA system.


Reference: Brad Mink – Water Superintendant

Reference: Scott Thompson – Wastewater Superintendant
Updated: 4/16/2012

Gas City Utilities – Gas City, Indiana

Gas City Indiana has completed replacing their East Water Treatment Plant.  This large undertaking not only involved the
construction of a new water plant but also included adding wireless SCADA to the city’s two elevated water towers and integrating controls at the existing West Water Treatment Plant.


SOS provided all the SCADA Control System equipment along with RTU/PLC programming and HMI graphics.  We were excited about the opportunities provided us as we teamed with Artesian of Pioneer, Municipal Civil Corporation and our long standing customer, Gas City Water Department, to fabricate this new state-of-the-art SCADA system which is built around the ControlWave Micro Hybrid RTU/PLC hardware.


Reference: Scott Oliver – Gas City Water Superintendent

Updated: 10/7/2011

There’s many more and you could be next!

For more information or references please don’t hesitate to call or email us.  Let us help make your control experience an excellent