ITT Conoflow GT210 Transducers

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Conoflow’s Electro-pneumatic Transducers accept a variety of electrical input signals and convert them to proportional pneumatic output signals. The miniature transducer is available with two different circuit boards. One board accepts current inputs of 4-20/10-50 mA DC and the other accepts inputs of 0-5 or 1-9 VDC input, respectively.

These units are available with output signals of 3-15, 3-27, or 6-30 PSIG (21-103, 21-186, or 41-207 kPa). Special output signals are available, consult the factory. The unit can be mounted in any position and output signals are field reversible. Supply pressure up to 125 PSI (276 kPa) can be used. Optional gauge ports are available for monitoring the output signal.

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