George E. Booth Co. has been operating in Ohio since 1990 and has a team of 8 people supporting the state. We offer a wide breadth of products in the process industry, including process instrumentation, gas detection, process analyzers and valve automation. Our field service offering includes instrument commissioning, on-site calibrations, repairs, project management, panel fabrication and customized training.

Products Available

• Flow
• Level
• Pressure
• Differential pressure
• pH, Liquid Analysis
• Temperature
• Flame Photometry
• Control Valves
• Limit Switches
• Solenoid Valves
• Cellular Monitoring Solutions

• Valves
• Actuators/Switches
• Regulators
• Fittings
• Tubing
• Hoses
• Filtration
• Gauges
• Thermometers
• Sanitary Hardware

Companies We Represent

Todd Driscoll

Mike Stark

Frank Traikovich