The George E. Booth Co., Inc. has been ISO9001 certified since 1998.  Some distributors see this process as too taxing or insignificant.  We believe this formal quality system has helped us improve quality and accuracy, bettering our customer service and efficiency in the process.  The ISO 9001 process manages our day-to-day operations through “Procedures” and “Work Instructions”.  Any and all failures of our quality system are researched and a root cause is determined.  We continually make improvements in our processes to increase accuracy and value to our customers.

Our accuracy on order entry and fulfillment is consistently higher than 99.9%.  We measure on-time delivery performance to our customers, based on our promised dates to them and also from our vendors, based on their promised dates to us.  The ISO9001 standard is our Quality Management System and commitment  to work with our vendors to improve overall delivery, accuracy and customer service.