George E. Booth Co. has been operating in Illinois since 2011 and has a team of 18 people supporting the state. We offer a wide breadth of products in the process industry, including process instrumentation, valve automation, gas detection and process analyzers. Our field service offering includes instrument commissioning, on-site calibrations, repairs, project management, panel fabrication and customized training in our world class training facility. Our Romeoville office also houses our Process Training Unit, a full-scale, working process skid with on-line instrumentation and controls. We offer Instrumentation Training to Engineering, Maintenance, and Operations Personnel at all levels. Visit our Training Page for our list of classes and Training Schedule for the year.

Products Available

• Flow
• Level
• Pressure
• Differential pressure
• pH, Liquid Analysis
• Temperature
• Flame Photometry
• Control Valves
• Limit Switches
• Solenoid Valves
• Cellular Monitoring Solutions

• Valves
• Actuators/Switches
• Regulators
• Fittings
• Tubing
• Hoses
• Filtration
• Gauges
• Thermometers
• Sanitary Hardware

Companies We Represent

Troy Boardman

Nasir Badal

Xan Danes

John Gountounas

David Riojas

Dave Myers